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Lawyer Centric
Lawyer Centric is the online and business-to-business arm of Do Process Software Ltd. Our unique consumer programs (such as mortgage arranging services and online term life insurance quotations) provide more choice as well as a more transparent and consumer-friendly approach than traditional business models. We support the role of the lawyer as an integral participant and adviser in the real estate transaction. Lawyer Centric develops services and solutions which empower the lawyer through technology and create valuable connectivity links with providers of products and services to the legal profession.

Do Process Software Ltd. 
Do Process Software is the leading developer of practice-specific law office software in Canada. Its software is currently employed in over 2,700 law offices, ranging in size from sole practitioners to firms with hundreds of lawyers. Flagship products include: The Conveyancer®, Fast Company and estate-a-base. To find out more about Do Process Software click here.